Scott Yearwood


Scott Yearwood most recently served as co-Founder and co-President of Energy Hardware LLC from 2002 to 2013. Energy Hardware is a distributor of high quality, close tolerance electro-mechanical hardware and fasteners to industrial OEM manufacturers, subcontractors and repair operations around the world, primarily within the global power generation industry. It was quickly recognized as an industry leader earning multiple supplier awards by providing best in class quality products and creative inventory management solutions such as kitting and in-house stores.

In 1998 Mr. Yearwood became Director of Marketing for Pentacon Aerospace Group, and subsequently Director of GE Global Business Development for Pentacon, Inc. (NYSE:JIT), a Texas-based company, until he co-founded Energy Hardware LLC in 2002.

He graduated from Brevard Community College with an associate’s degree in Business Administration. He is well-qualified to serve as a Director due to his extensive experience in operations and manufacturing.

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